Straighten Your Crown 316L Silver Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet

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Our hand-stamped silver stainless steel cuff bracelet is a stunning piece of jewelry with a meaningful message. It features the inspiring quote, "Whenever You Feel Overwhelmed, Remember Whose Daughter You Are And Straighten Your Crown." The words are delicately imprinted on the sleek silver surface, serving as a constant reminder of strength and resilience. This bracelet is a symbol of empowerment and self-assuredness, making it a perfect accessory for those who need a boost of confidence and a touch of elegance in their daily life.

Hand-stamped cuffs are made from high quality 316L Silver stainless steel. High luster and brightness with Hypoallergenic, nickel-free casted material so our pieces will not irritate or discolor.

Cuffs are fully adjustable and will fit most adult wrists. We designed our cuff to be sturdy, yet flexible so you can wear it daily and comfortably.
Adjustable Fit:

  • Diameter: 2.56"
  • Thickness: 0.4"
  • Width: 2.18

Jewelry Care

Our stainless steel based jewelry is tarnish and water resistant. Avoid contact with strong chemicals and cleaning agents (detergent, bleach, perfume) as these solutions may damage the layer of silver plating and will cause tarnishing or discoloration.

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