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Welcome to Rekindled Gifts!

Located in Naples, FL., Rekindled's humble beginnings started with my love of creating art inspired from nature. With my handcrafted peices, it is my hope to revive this beauty within you.

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And Into The Forest I Go Wolf Hoodie
My Favorite Child Gave Me This Shirt Tee
I Give In To BEER Pressure T-Shirt
GRUMPA - Like a Regular Grandpa, Only Grumpier
It's BEER O'Clock Somewhere
I Drink Beer & I Fix Things T-Shirt
Dad "Beer" Knockout Tee
This Is What An AWESOME GRANDPA Looks Like T-Shirt
This Is What An AWESOME DAD Looks Like T-Shirt
I Am The Storm Tee
Limited Edition - Read, Dream, Believe Hoodie


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