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Welcome to Rekindled Gifts!

Located in Naples, FL., Rekindled's humble beginnings started with my love of creating art inspired from nature. With my handcrafted peices, it is my hope to revive this beauty within you.

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Thou Shall Not Try Me - Mood 24:7
Mamacita Needs A Margarita
Parenting Style: Somewhere between Don't Do That & Oh What The Hell
Good Moms Say Bad Words Tee
Being A Mom Makes My Life Complete
She Believed She Could, but She was Really Tired, So She Didn't
Perfectly Imperfect Tee
I Hate People Rose-Skull Tee
Mental Health Awareness "STAY;" Tee
Shenanigator Tee
It's Fine. I'm Fine. Everything is Fine. Tee
WILD - Not All Who Wander Are Lost Tee


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