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Welcome to Rekindled Gifts!

Located in Naples, FL., Rekindled's humble beginnings started with my love of creating art inspired from nature. With my handcrafted peices, it is my hope to revive this beauty within you.

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Feeling Kinda IDGAF-ISH Today Tee
Neon Wolf (Hoodie)
Grinche's "It's Too Peopley Outside" Tee
Merry Christmas Buffalo Plaid Tee
Santa & Friends "Merry Christmas" Tee
I'm Just WTF-ING My Way Through Life Hoodie
I'm Just WTF-ING My Way Through Life
Vintage Merry Christmas Truck Tee
All is Calm All is Bright Hoodie
Warm Wishes & Snowman Kisses Hoodie
Naughty or Nice
Warm Wishes & Snowman Kisses Tee


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