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Pink Pinchies Soft-Soled Baby Shoes
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Don't let the name fool you, our Pink Pinchies are not anything, but too adorable! You will NOT find these anywhere but here. If you do happen to see our Pink Pinchies strolling about, it would because they were purchased from Rekindled Gifts only. These are truly one of a kind and designed by Rekindled! (Made by Cute Baby Shoes Co., All Rights reserved by Rekindled Gifts)
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Size: Medium 6-12 Months, Length: 5", Width: 2.5", US Size: 5
Size: X-Large 18-24 Months, Length: 6", Width: 2.75", US Size: 8
Pink Pinchies are dipped in dreamy chocolate with just the right amount of pretty in pink! Made with ultra soft leather with black soles to keep the clean "new look" longer. Baby's first steps are protected by a layer of soft padding, yet the soft flexible suede soles allow baby's feet to grip the ground and get a good feel for the new territory ahead of them.
• Pediatrician-recommended soft soles allow baby's feet to grow naturally, grip the ground, and strengthen foot muscles
• Promotes confident walking, no-slip soft suede soles
• Padded insoles cushion baby's steps and adds extra protection
• Black suede soles look newer, longer
• Light and flexible
• Softest natural leathers and breathable fabric with cotton lining (socks optional!)
• Gentle elasticized ankle, easy for mom or dad to put on and difficult for baby to take off
• No laces to tie
• Loved by babies

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Wash & Care Instructions
• Spot clean with a baby wipe or machine wash on gentle cycle, no spin
• Shape and lay out to air dry (or)
• Use drying rack on delicate cycle (no tumble)

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