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Welcome to Rekindled Gifts!

Located in Naples, FL., Rekindled's humble beginnings started with my love of creating art inspired from nature. With my handcrafted peices, it is my hope to revive this beauty within you.

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~ ~ Courtney Bobee


~ ~ Sarah Dunleavy-Waitekus


~ ~ Diane Arcuri Giebelhouse


~ ~ Jennifer Ritchie


~ ~ Courtney Bobee

I just got my first order from Rekindled and I absolutely love it! the tshirt is a beautiful color and super soft and the shipping was really fast...

~ ~ Tracie Wise

We commissions Rekindled for our staff shirts and coasters. Not only was the design perfect, but the quality of the products was above what was...

~ ~ Surf New Media

I love my hometown coasters that came today...Tara does an amazing job...

~ ~ Donna F Crowninshield

I definitely recommend Rekindled! I got a Valentine’s Day bundle for my puppy and I! We both adore all the goodies! Thank you Rekindled

~ ~ Kaitlyn Sokolich

Incredible detail, extremely fast shipping, it’s just so beautiful.

~ ~ Cam Andia-Lantigua

I ordered adorable mummy luminaries for my daughter and her roommate. They came out perfect and the girls loved them. Tara was a pleasure to work...

~ ~ Nicole Schreyer

Best gifts for any occasions. Hands down the best local business out there.

~ ~ Travis Wormwood

Shirt was fantastic! Fast shipping! Easy transaction! Will be sure to buy from this seller again!

~ ~ Vayden Brady

I bought Hometown Coasters as a gift- and a set for me. Love them! Great service, too.

~ ~ Christine Tatro Sturgeon

I adore this soap! It smells so good and feels so nice on my skin. I have gotten many soap samples (listed on Rekindled as well!) even though I love how all of them smell and feel, this is by far my favorite one! I will be buying all my soaps from Rekindled now on!

Smells great! Compared to most other body washing soap bars, Fierce feels much better and smoother. Overall, the soap seems better than other commercially available ones.

Hi Katerina - Thank you so very much for your review and we are so very happy you and your fur babies love Scooby Scrub! We love it too!

I am in love with the Scooby Scrub! I use it on all three of my dogs! It lathers on great! Not stubborn to wash off! Smells so good! Leaves my dogs smelling great and not like wet dog! And it is so nice on their skin! The Scooby Scrub lasts a while too! I have used this soap 10 times and I still have a good amount left! I will definitely be buying more when I run out! I recommend this soap for anyone with pets!

lol So glad you & Linda love Scooby Scrub!! Thank you for testing it out for us :)

Tara let me use one of her samples of Scooby Scrub prior to her carrying this product. We have a 60lb golden retriever with long hair. We used Scooby Scrub on Macy and MAN, what an amazing bar of soap!! No matted or tangled hair, the smell is so clean and fresh (lasts a long time too), and it has such of rich, yet soft lather for good deep scrubbings! Macy’s coat is so soft and shiny!! We love it and now that Tara is carrying it, we will be back to purchase more. Won’t be for a while because this bar lasts a longggg time!!!! lol

This bar of soap has to be the best that I have ever used on my dogs. I have a Bichon (12lbs) , Alaskan Klee Kai (28lbs), and a Siberian Husky (70lbs). Two of them have skin sensitivity to just about everything and Scooby Scrub has not harmed their skin whatsoever. If anything, it has helped with dry patches and has moisturized their coats/hair than any other shampoos and/or conditions used in the past. There was NO oily residue left behind either. You will still have a slight "wet dog" smell if you do not fully dry your dog, but it is NO where near as bad as with all the other soaps we've used. The scent is wonderful and lasts for a very long time.The lather is rich and creamy! Our Siberian is a "Wooly," which means he has extremely thick and floofy fur. Scooby Scrub let his coat tangle free and cut down on drying time too! We love Scooby Scrub and will never use anything else for our puppers! Side Note: All three dogs have had 3 baths each and we still have a 1/2 bar left!

Hi Nate! Yes. We are working on more guitar designs for our shirts. But in the meantime, if there is something in particular you are looking for, please let us know. You can also use our custom shirt order form here: https://rekindledgifts.com/content/custom-shirt-order

I really like this shirt. Is is possible to get different guitar related deigns?

I was really trying to find a small business that I could support to help local economies. I couldn’t be happier in finding Rekindled. This shirt fits me perfectly (the sizing does too lol). This shirt is high quality and the fun designs here are just perfect. Shop Local!


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